Here’s a list of sites worthy of attention:

  • MonaLisaOD, a talented friend and illustrator based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Olive, a photographer friend in Geneva with a knack for documenting the punk and alternative scene.
  • Niels Ackermann, a fantastic photographer based in Geneva and Kiev, Ukraine
  • Tasman Richardson, a Toronto-based visual and audio-visual artist.
  • Laura Horne, a friend and multi-disciplinary artist now in New York City.
  • Cluster of Colours, a Latinx friend activist and artist in Toronto who mixes data and painting.
  • Ming Thein, a great photographer based in Malaysia. His blog, reviews and technical articles are insightful and informative and I really like his style.
  • The Strobist, an excellent resource to learn how to master flash/strobe photography. I have learned more from those tutorials than from going to a photography school.
  • Fred Miranda, one of the best photography forums if you want to see great work and inspiration. Also a great buy/sell place.
  • Matt Granger, I like his style, been following him for a decade. He’s informative and passionate.
  • Smugmug, the best photo hosting service around. I’ve been a happy customer for over 10 years.
  • Pixsy to track who’s infringing on your copyright, which sadly happens a lot. Pictures aren’t free unless specified.